Minutes of meeting held 14 August 2003


Present: Ian Birch-Machin (Chair), Lee Matthews (Senior development officer), Rick Baldwin (Press and Publicity officer), Sam Whittaker (Secretary), Scott Christie (Coaching officer), Nick Armitage (Results Officer), Zareh Langridge (Kites), Kevin White (Phoenix), Dave Bate (Kites), Scott Christie (Coaching Officer), Liv Armitage (Junior Development Officer), Reda Ibn-Tahikt (Knights), Mike Northfield


1.Apologies for absence were received by Andy Rutter, Jam Trubridge, Jo Woolley and Liz Clark.



2.The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Insurance arrangements were reported on: Tigers, Lions, City, Kites and Phoenix have all taken out BKA cover at the lower level. Knights and the National League squad are covered by the CKA insurance policy. It was established that no club lost money by cancelling training due to the insurance problems.

      Sam to contact Uni in October to check on their insurance status.



3.Officers' Reports

It was agreed that the Development Officers will be known as Junior Development Officer and Senior Development Officer, and not Team Leaders.

See agenda for reports given prior to the meeting. Further reports given at the meeting:


Junior Development Officer


Senior Development Officer


Press and Publicity Officer



4. Co-option of Officers

The positions of Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary and Child Protection Officer were filled.






Result of vote


Mike Northfield

Ian Birch-Machin

Lee Matthews

All in favour

Fixtures Secretary

Howard Laffling

Ian Birch-Machin

Kevin White

All in favour

Child Protection Officer

Liv Armitage

Sam Whittaker

Lee Matthews

All in favour


It was also agreed that Knights are expected to send a representative to CKA meetings along with all other clubs and the National League squad. These representatives are not part of the committee, although they each have one vote at meetings.

      Scott to update the constitution to reflect this.



5. 10 year plan

The CKA will get BKA development points for submitting this (under the guise of City). The Plan is to be submitted to the AGM for adoption.



6. Status rules

The meeting discussed the proposal to change the league status rules for the forthcoming season. Minor modifications were suggested and accepted to the proposal and the meeting voted to accept the proposal:

For: 9 Against: 0 Abstentions: 2

      Dave to update the proposal to reflect the changes and send to Sam for circulation.



7. Knights in the CKA league next season

        The BKA will not allow under 14s to play in adult competition.

        Currently half of Knights are close to their 14th birthdays and half are still 12.


After discussion the following action points were decided:


      Reda has the support of the CKA to approach the BKA in the hope that they may allow Knights to continue playing in the CKA league as a special case (the CKA would need a clear written statement).

      Liv to investigate a junior section of the EA Cup.

      Reda to organise junior friendly matches

      Lee to contact Sijbren about Chesterton being keen to play in a league.

      Liv to ask the Knights coaches to meet on a regular basis as part of a committee.





8. EA Cup

It was agreed that eight teams would participate in this years competition as in previous years. Entry fees were agreed at 25 per senior team and 8 per junior team.

      Liv to act as 1st aider

      Dave to organise fixtures

      Sam to ensure astro pitch is clear of tennis nets etc

      Lee to buy a roll of tape to stick down pitch tapes



9. Club subscriptions

This will be agreed at the AGM.



10. AOB

      Ian to liaise with Howard about the closing date for entries into the CKA league for next season (1st September?).


Zareh still has the pitch tapes and left overs from national youth day. It was suggested that Simon could take the pitch tapes.


It was agreed to hold the CKA tournament over two days next year, on 10th and 11th July.

      Lee to notify the BKA for the calendar.


      Liv to email Phil Buttinger to ask him to remove NKA posts from the Perse.


The CKA AGM will be held on 18 September.

      All to email Ian to inform him if they will be standing for their current positions.

      Sam to arrange venue, notify clubs and gather motions and nominations.