Minutes of CKA committee meeting

Thursday 5th August 2004 at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton, Cambridge


Ian, Scott, Kevin, Howard, Rick, Mike, Alex B, Lee, Nick, Zareh


Liv, Andy, Steve M

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

Ian to contact Liv to find out if the junior development team has applied for a grant.

Officers’ Reports


I have arranged for the 2 sets of pitch tapes to be brought from Norwich. I have enquired about insurance which is due in September from the BKA – clubs and areas will be invoiced.

Knights (seniors) will need to get insurance, unless they are covered by their sports hall.




Account Balance (at 1.7.2004)            £2,896.43

                                                            CKA                £2,436.07

                                                            Knights            £   460.36


Payments since 1.7.2004

In:            £296.00          Coach fees (National Youth Day)

            £  16.00   Junior tournament team entry fee (Mayfield School)

            £  35.00   Knights training fees


Out:      £  66.00   Perse School (Knights hire fees – June 2004)

            £  24.00            Netherhall School (Knights hire fee – 1 May 2004)

            £475.00          Coach hire (National youth day)

            £160.00          Club-school link expenses (Dutch coaches)

            £  11.48            Tournament expenses (air horn)

            £  25.00   BKA (AGM non-attendance fine)

            £  15.00   BKA (Area membership)


Account Balance:                                   £2,466.95

                                                            CKA                £2,061.59

                                                            Knights            £   405.36

Mike needs to sort out invoices from the BKA for juniors. Mike to contact Sejbren regarding these.

Mike has invoiced CitySport but had nothing back yet.

Lee still believes that the BKA will not re-imburse CKA’s costs for club-school link. Ian to email Liv.

Fixtures Officer

Still looking for a second portable post in order to organise midweek outdoor fixtures. May be able to get one from Christina.

Results Officer

Nothing to report

Press & Publicity Officer

There have been two reports in the press re. the summer tournament. Press may attend on the day.

Refereeing officer

Andy will issue guidance on when yellow and red cards should be used closer to the start of the season.


Nothing to report

Senior Development Officer

Nothing to report.

Junior Development Officer / Child Protection Officer

Nothing to report

Other items

1.      Summer tournament.

Howard will organise setting up of pitches. Howard has CKA and NKA pitch tapes. Posts from Netherhall to be used, plus set that Tony is bringing. Ian to collect spiked based from Perse School for girls, but no-one knows if they fit the posts.

Only 7 teams have confirmed their attendance. Likely to be 9-11 teams. Therefore probably only need 3 pitches.

Howard to arrange fixtures.

Mike cannot work on the desk. Ian will man it with help from various City players. Any other volunteers would be welcome.

Zareh has arranged for Red Cross to provide first aid. Donation of £60 would be appropriate. Mike to provide cheque.

Howard will provide bin bags and hopefully teams will tidy up after themselves.

There will be no barbecue.

There is a social in the evening at the Maypole.

Lee will provide trophies, one for the winner and one for the ‘best of the rest’.

2.      League Structure (for coming season)

Likely teams for next season are: Kites 1 (in division 2), City 3, Lions 3, Tigers 4, Knights 2 (1 junior, 1 senior), Phoenix 3, Uni 2.

Howard presented the following:

The conclusions form the league survey are :-
More games next season
Games more frequently next season (weekly means same number of games per
team as weeks in the season)
Start next season at the same time i.e the beginning of October, finish
later, giving a longer season

It is expected that there will be 18 teams in the league next season, from 7
I propose to finish the season at the end of April, extending the season by
4 weeks. This gives 11 weeks before Christmas plus 15 weeks after Christmas,
a total of 26 weeks.
Weekly matches mean 26 matches per team, but I'd propose a more moderate and
incremental increase to say 15-20 matches per team.

The proposals :-

A) 3 divisions, 6 teams in each division
To achieve more games, more frequently than last season means teams playing
each other 3 or 4 times giving 15 or 20 matches per team.

B) 2 divisions, 9 teams in each division
To achieve more games, more frequently than last season means teams playing
each other 2 or 3 times giving 16 or 24 matches per team.

C) A cup/plate and a league competition with say 3 divisions i.e. like last
season (but could be 2 divisions).
Teams play each other 2 times giving 10 matches per team. The cup/plate
competition is tailored to make up the remaining 5-10 matches per team.

This season :-
5 clubs were involved in division 1. It would be the same next season would
be the same with 3 divisions.
4 clubs were involved in division 2 - Lions (2 teams), Phoenix (2 teams),
Tigers and Uni. It would be the same next season would be the same with 3
5 clubs were involved in division 3. Next season 6 clubs would be involved
with 3 divisions.

With 2 divisions 6 clubs would be involved in division 1 and 7 clubs in
division 2.

An initial vote was taken on whether to have 2 divisions instead of 3. For 3, against 5, abstentions 1.

Further discussion then centred on whether to have a cup competition as a precursor to the league season as a way for clubs to determine how many teams they might field in the league. Voting was: For 3, against 2, abstentions 4.

Howard was concerned about the burden of having to organise two competitions in quick succession, particularly given he is on holiday for 2 weeks in September. Scott offered to organise the preliminary competition. However there were further concerns about logistics. A vote was taken on whether to have a straight league in preference to a league and secondary competition. For 7, against 1, abstentions 1.

Discussion then turned to how many times the teams in a division should play each other. General consensus was that 18 was about the right number of games. The likely league format would be 3 divisions of 6 with each team playing each other 3 or 4 times. If it were 3 times then it was agreed that the hall costs for the 3rd match should be shared between the 2 clubs. It was also agreed it would be acceptable for one team to have 1 more home game than another.

With divisions of 6 the ideal of 18 games would be hard to achieve. The choice would likely be between 15 & 20. A vote was taken on whether 20 is preferable. For 2, against 5, abstentions 2.

A first division of 7 teams would ensure 18 games for the first division clubs. A vote was taken on whether 7 is the ideal size for the 1st division. For 7, against 2.

As no firm decision can be taken until the exact number of teams is known it was agreed that Howard should be free to organise the league as he saw fit within the parameters laid down.

As Howard is on holiday from 9th to 21st September he felt that entries for the league could be accepted until Sept 21st, though the first division fixtures would be arranged before this.

3.      National Korfball week

Phoenix are organising a session at CRC on Sept 16th and Dave Bate is organising one at KK on Sept 15th. City will be holding an event on Parkers Piece on the preceding Saturday. It was agreed that the KK event should be a CKA event. CKA will cover costs. Kites have done the initial organisation but other clubs will be expected to help out.

Lee will see if Jimbo can update the flyer he did, for Arbury carnival, giving details of all CKA clubs, with details of Knights and updated Phoenix contact details.

4.      BKA AGM

City and Kites attended the AGM. There was nothing much to report. See AGM minutes for details.

The BKA are introducing a £10 fee for transfers. This will have to apply to CKA clubs as BKA holds all player registrations.

Matters Arising

Juniors must be 16 to play in the National League and 14 to play in the CKA league.


The 3rd division of the CKA league is not a development league and teams in it are not exempt from BKA fees.

Alex to contact the relevant people at Tigers so that the 2nd and 3rd division trophies can be handed over to the new holders.

Rick has 100 BKA posters promoting Korfball that he will distribute to clubs.

The AGM will be on Thursday Sept 23rd. Ian will try to find a suitable venue, probably one of: Boot, Boathouse, Maypole, Golden Hind. Officers should let Ian know whether they are willing to serve another year. There is still a need for a secretary.

Date of next meeting

23rd September 2004. Venue and time TBC.