CKA EGM Minutes

<Monday 4th September 2006. 7.30 pm, Penny Ferry>





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Laura Neaves)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Junior Development (Liv Armitage)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Lee Matthews)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Vacant)

Senior Development (Sara Neaves)


City Rep [Anthony Proietti ]

Phoenix Rep [ ]

Lions Rep [Nicola Doak ]

Tigers Rep [Reda Ibn-Tahaikt ]

University Rep [Zac Williams sent his apologies ]

Rick Baldwin

Proposal to change the league rules with regard to promotion and relegation:


3.2 Promotion and Relegation

3.2.3 At the end of the season, the 2nd place Division 2 team will compete in play off-matches against the team 2nd from bottom in Division 1. The winner of the play-offs will be promoted to Division 1. The loser of the play-offs will be relegated to Division 2. Play-off matches will be over 2 legs, home and away for each team, and must be played within 1 month of the last match of the league season. Play-off fixtures will be arranged in association with the Fixtures officer, in the same way as normal league fixtures. The play-off fixtures will be treated as a league of 2 teams in order to decide the winner and loser.

Bold text to be added


Proposal to change the status rules: Each Player is only considered to have played in a whole match if they were on the pitch for the whole match. Each player is considered to have played in half a match if they were on the pitch for half or more of the match, but less than the whole match. A player substituted on in the first half and then substituted off in the second half will have to include that half match in their status profile. A player substituted off before the end of the first half or substituted on after the start of the second half will not have to include that match in their status profile

On Off Status points

at start at end 1

during 1st half at end 1

at half time at end ½

during 2nd half at end 0

at start during 2nd half 1

during 1st half during 2nd half ½

at half time during 2nd half 0

during 2nd half during 2nd half 0

at start at half time ½

during 1st half at half time 0

at start during 1st half 0

during 1st half during 1st half 0

The word game will also be replaced everywhere with the word ‘match’.

Clauses will be renumbered appropriately