CKA Meeting Minutes

<Tuesday 6th December 7.30PM>







Chairman (Ian Birch-Machin)




Secretary (Laura Neaves)




Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)




League (Nick Armitage)




Fixtures (Howard Laffling)




Juniors (Liv Armitage)




CPO ()




Publicity (Lisa Clatworthy)




Development ()




Refereeing (Andy Rutter)




Coaching (Lee Matthews)                 





City Rep                                                           [Rick Baldwin                                       ]

Phoenix Rep                                                     [                                                           ]

Lions Rep                                                         [                                                           ]

Tigers Rep                                                        [Alex Beavan                                        ]

University Rep                                      [Lucy Martin                                        ]


CHAIRMAN:                                                                                              ACTIONS?


Ian wanted to officially thank all the organisers/refs that helped out on the U16’s tournament, it was a great success.


Scott has added the CPO job description onto the CKA website.


We need a CPO!  Sam has resigned due to work commitments, could all clubs please check with their members if anyone would like to fill the position.  Although they don’t need to be a member a club.




TREASURER:                                                                                             ACTIONS?












Howard suggested a we hold the Cambridge tournament on 22nd July – the weekend before the Counties again.  Everybody agreed this was a good date, so we need to get it publicised with the venue to be confirned.





Liv would like all club development officers to send her an email by 10/12/05 to let her know what stage their discussions/developments with schools are at.










Lisa wanted to know exactly what people wanted to be included in the newsletter on the web.  Decided that it should included a monthly round up of the CKA leagues, National league match reports and Local tournaments. 


Lisa is also trying to arrange a publicity match U18’s v an Over 35’s team.  She would like all clubs to let her know if they have any eligible players interested.


Cambridge korfball has been well represented in the Korfball magazine and also the  Cambridge Evening News and Agenda magazine.

















A Part 1 Level 2 coaching course was held on 03/12/05.  It was very successful, 3 from City, 3 Tigers, 1 Phoenix and 2 Lions attended.  Graham Box is happy to come to Cambridge regularly to continue these coaching courses. 







Lions/Tigers National League Participation – Alex Beavan informed everyone about a conversation he had had with Anna Jeanes (BKA Competitions Officer)  about the procedure for entering Nat. League.

-         Clubs apply to the BKA individually by 31st Jan.

-         BKA then ask CKA to confirm clubs are of a standard to compete and that they have development structure in place

-         Thy arrange playoff’s if necessary (may be 3 way)


The development structure needs to be in place however you don’t need to report points until March 2007 (1 years grace)


Phoenix and City to be aware that they will need to work on development points for composite team, but they will still have support of CKA.


CKA decision was unanimous for Lions and Tigers to apply and as long as no major changes before the end of January they would have the support of the CKA.


It was also clarified that there would be no penalty against nat. league players playing in the local league.


Players playing in too many teams – Andy wanted it noted thatcertain Lions/Tigers players were still playing for too many teams.  Same names as last month.  Alex Bevan to talk to Tigers captains and look at renaming squads.  Lee to rename Lions squad list ASAP.


Junior consent forms – Alex wanted to check if there could be a 2 week grace on getting the Child Protection forms signed.  It was decided that these are in place to protect the child so they need to be signed before a child plays.  Lee said if Alex got the 3 Tigers and Parents signatures, he was happy to go over to Tigers and sign them as CKA coaching officer.


It was also mentioned that forms need to be taken to all matches and refs can ask to see them before the start of a game.







Wednesday 25th January 7.30pm at the Pike & Eel