Minutes of meeting held 23 January 2003


Present:  Ian Birch-Machin (Chair), Liz Clarke (Treasurer), Lee Matthews (Senior development officer), Rick Baldwin (Press and Publicity officer), Sam Whittaker (Tigers), Carl Skipper (Lions), Ming Hsu (Uni), Jam Trubridge (NL representative), Ste Howarth (Lions), Scott Christie (Coaching officer), Zareh Langridge (Kites)


1. Apologies for absence were received by Liv Armitage, Nick Armitage, Dave Bate and Andy Rutter.


2. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


3.  Secretary’s co-option

Sam Whittaker was co-opted as Secretary.


4. Chair’s report

Ian has tried to contact Phil Buttinger, NKA, regarding the EA Cup (see minutes of last meeting) but has been unsuccessful.    

Shortly before the Christmas break City 2 unwittingly fielded an illegal team, bringing on a player with 1st team status (this status unknown to all involved) in the last minutes of the game.  After an appeal by City, Nick, Dave Bate and Ian decided that, in the circumstances, the result would stand.  The fact that Phoenix had not had the chance to appeal after a similar mistake in the Development Cup last season was questioned.  Ian explained that the rules have changed since then and teams now have an option to appeal.  It was pointed out that care should be taken to ensure that there is no abuse of this appeals system.  To be discussed at the next meeting.

After a vote via email, the majority voted in favour of permitting Knights to substitute more than 4 players in a match.  Only the statistics for the first four substitutes will be recorded.

Following a referee’s complaint of abuse during the Phoenix 2 vs Lions 1 match, Ian requested formal reports from the referee and any players and spectators involved.  These reports were reviewed by the fixtures, results and refereeing officers.  It was decided that no further action could be taken because no cards had been awarded during the match.  However Ian sent a reminder of the rules to club captains for distribution to all referees.  It was questioned if there is anything in the rules about this kind of occurrence.


5. Secretary’s report

Nothing to report.


6. Treasurer’s report

There is £2,038.10 in the bank.  Stingers, Norwich City and Dragons still owe EA Cup fees.  See attached report for incomings and outgoings since the last meeting.


7. Refereeing Officer  absent


8. Fixtures Officer

Everything is going well and University refereeing commitments are being finalised.


9. Results Officer  absent


10. Coaching Officer 

An advanced course to be taken by Steve Barker (former GB International) will be held on 15 February at Netherhall with a maximum of 20 participants.  The cost will be £12 per person.  It was decided that three players from each club should attend (those players of a high standard who do not take part in National League) with a possible fourth standing by.

Post-meeting note Steve Barker has agreed to allow up to 24 players to attend; 4 from each club.  This would reduce the cost to £8 each.


11. Press and Publicity Officer

It has been a good period for Korfball in the media!  There was an article in Real City, the junior tournament was covered by BBC radio and there have been numerous articles in the local press.


12.  Junior Team Leader

Liz reported on behalf of Liv.  The U9 BKA Cup was held in Cambridge with the two Cambridge teams coming 2nd and 4th.

The U9 team are the only junior side travelling to Kent to participate in the inter-area competition.

After some debate it was decided that the CKA will no longer charge schools to hire posts.  The schools will be expected to take good care of any posts that they borrow. 

Ø      Liv to draft a contract or letter to this effect

Club representatives reported that members who have been to help at Junior training would like to be more included in the session (by being introduced to the children at the start of the session and perhaps by being given more specific ‘tasks’).

Ø      Liz to feed back to the Junior Development Team


13. Senior Team Leader

Lee will be organising another meeting with the development officers from each club.  Rick reported that he had received an email from Simon Hill who would like to set up a club in Linton.

Ø      Rick to pass on Simon’s contact details to Lee.

Clubs need an updated version of the schedule for helping juniors.


14. CKA Summer Tournament

Three venues for this were discussed; Littleport, the Perse and Netherhall. 

Ø      Sam to enquire about availability and cost of the Perse.

Ø      Sam to find out dates of other summer tournaments, in particular Norwich.



15. U23 side

It was thought that it would be good to enter an U23 side, as well as the University side, in the BKA U23 tournament at the end of April.

Ø      Jam to organise a squad with help from Lions.


16. A.O.B.

Ste said that he would like to organise a summer ladder-style league of beach Korfball.

Sam asked if the CKA would consider allowing Tigers to play one of their 5 girls with National League status (4 currently have this status and 1 is very close) down into Division 2.  After much discussion an exceptional rule was made for the remainder of the season allowing Tigers to do this, providing that the girl in question is one of the three who has played the least amount of National League games.

Lions have a website.  Do visit!

Scott proposed that in the local league sideline passes should be taken with one foot inside the pitch due to a lack of room between the sideline and wall in most halls.  To be discussed at the next meeting.

Proposals to change the league structure will be discussed at the next meeting.


17.  The next meeting will be held on 24 February, 7.45pm at the Pike and Eel.