Minutes for CKA committee meeting at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton at 7.45pm

on Thursday 1st July 2004


Apologies for absence    Nick, Liv, Steve Morett (Knights)

Present ZL, IBM, RIT, SC, K, HL, MN, RB, LM, AR.


Matters arising from minutes of last meeting


LM agreed to organise preparation of publicity leaflets for Cambridge tournament.

AR confirmed that we have to advise the BKA of all yellow card incidents including a full report by ref, fines to come from the BKA (£15).  Vote taken to report all incidents required by BKA guidelines and carried (5 for, 0 against, 4 abstentions).

AR will circulate document giving guidelines about the issuing of yellow and red cards.


HL has emailed Steve Barker about the Cambridge Tournament.


MN will resend the booking confirmation for the Cambridge Tournament to Netherhall when IBM forwards the document onto him.  MN will confirm that it has been sent.


SC stated that the mentoring sessions for new referees hasn’t happened yet and there is no plan in place to do this.  For practice refs should referee another clubs matches.


IBM will contact Phil Buttinger to ask for 2 sets of pitch tape for tournament.

SC to look at social event after tournament possible at the Maypole.


HL experimental midweek korfball event will happen once football is over.


Officer’s reports



I have sent an email out to all clubs and associations informing them about

the summer tournament.  I have asked Andy whether the rules for yellow cards

which he circulated apply to local rules; re - reading them I think they do.

 I have asked Phil from Norwich about tapes, he will supply them (just need

to know how much). He is away at Avon Tyroll for the tournament so I will

need to organise the pick up.



Has received fines from various clubs. There is some confusion over whether the CKA will have to pay the coaches travelling expenses, as the coaches were not approved by the BKA.


Account balance (at 1/7/04) £3038.08 (CKA £2495.22; Knights £542.86)

Payments since 27/5/04

In £40 Fines (Lions, Phoenix, Tigers)

£16 Junior Tournament Team Entry Fee (Crosshall School)


Out £82.50 Perse School (Knights hire fees- May 2004)

£75 Perse School (Junior Tournament hire fee – 23rd May 2004)

£40.15 Club School Link Expenses (City)


Account balance £2896.43

CKA £2436.07

Knights £460.36


Approximately £150 profit on junior tournament.


IBM to ask Liv whether the Junior Development group have applied for a grant.


League Officer nothing to report.


Results Officer nothing to report.


Press and Publicity

Press: there was (indeed) a report and photo in the CEN on the Cambridge

Youth tournament.  Cambridge coverage good in Korfball magazine.


Reffing Officer see matters arising.


Coaching Officer

Encouraged clubs to send members to Avon Tryrell coaching course.


 Senior Development Officer

Posters on the BKA website advertising korfball which are free to download.  Details on a shot clinic by Matt Brookes passed on by Lee.


 Junior Development Officer and Child Protection

Club school link has happened in the last week. Excellent reports from

teachers - another new primary school has participated (3 new since last

year). The social that was arranged on Friday night was excellently attended

by Tigers and City. Lions, Kites and Phoenix FAILED TO SHOW which was both

surprising and disappointing. Was there a communication breakdown? I sent

the email to camkorf with instructions for people to forward on to their

group emails.

I need to be reimbursed ?160 by the CKA for money paid to the coaches (the

BKA should be giving us half back).


National Youth Day is this Sunday. I have booked a coach which should pay

for itself if all the seats are filled. In the meantime the CKA will receive

an invoice for ?475 for this. We have Mayfield, Milton Road, Fawcett and

Knights attending and possibly an U19 side.


Junior tournament was a success and thank to alot of hard work form a lot of

people. This tournament has alot of respect from other areas as being a

succesful junior event worth attending and has put Cambridge on the map in

terms of juniro development.


We are still short of equipment for schools - even when this new lot comes

from Andy, so please be prepared for me asking for more money  :-)


Lee has been doing some coaching at Chesterton Community College at their

request during a curriculum extension week. Simon and City hope to follow up

this work with an afterschool club if their move to chesterton is



I have asked the BKA for further clarification of the Under 14's playing

with adults following a discussion with Mike Northfield on James

Northfield's move to Lions. I asked for clarification of whether there are

indeed 13 year olds playing in a senior league in Kent (as Mike had heard)

and also I wanted to know if there is a difference between playing with

adults and training with adults. As you will see from the replys the second

query has not yet been answered.







Please reply on this....whatever the reply the topic must be the subject of

a clear (further) statement at the AGM. Liv - and others - must have a

national statement to quote with confidence. We must also know what action

can/will be taken if this 'rule'/guidance is not followed. There must also

be a letter specifically on this issue to all Areas and clubs.


I am fairly confident that there is a difference between training and

playing (even though I personally cannot see much difference).






Hi Liv


Under 13s are not permitted to play in Senior Competitions.


The Kent League allows under 15s (they actually have an Under 16 League)

(NOT U13s) to play in the Kent Senior Competition subject to the following:


Consent Form with:

  Parental Consent

  Club(s) Consent

  Coach Consent

  Area Coach Consent (which must be from a different club and experience

with senior competition)


  KKA EXCO approval


Each club is required to have consent forms available for inspection. All

matches are monitored. Due consideration is given to the emotional and

physical ability of any applicant and is discussed at KKA EXCO meetings

prior to participation.


This is in-line with the National League Rules regarding underage players

who must be OVER 14 before they can be considered for participation in

National League Competition and clubs must submit documentation for

consideration and approval.


I would suggest that you should consider putting in place the above and that

all records are held on file. KKA requires each junior team to have a coach

and manager that have been fully vetted under the child protection

provisions as are all coaches and assistants who come into contact with

young people. There are no grey areas if clubs in your area fully understand

and consider implementing this.


I would further suggest that pressure to play in senior competition could be

diluted, if Cambridge were to implement youth leagues, given the levels of

youth participation within your area.


I will further discuss this with BKA EXCO members with a view to

implementing this nationally. I ask colleagues to please give me your






Comments on Livs report.


CKA has 3 consent forms.  NA has a copy of all U16s playing with Lions including consent forms from parents.  Parents have all relevant telephone numbers, CPOs etc.  IBM felt that people should be more aware of Livs role as CKA CPO.  SC asked whether there should be a CPO at matches involving young people.  It’s possible that various issues will be resolved at the upcoming BKA AGM.  IBM to ask Liv whether all clubs have responded with names of CPOs.

HL asked about £475 being spent.  He was concerned that CKA money is being spent but that this wasn’t always approved in advanced.  It was accepted that this might not always be possible considering the nature of the juniors.  Notification as soon as possible by the JDC of any expenditure would be appreciated so that any objections or querries could be sorted out.


1.  BKA AGM Sunday 11th July 2004, in Kent.  Clubs will be fined for non-attendance.  IBM asked for a volunteer to represent the CKA.  None were forth coming.


.2.  Cambridge Summer tournament on Saturday 7th August at Netherhall (Ian)

    Volunteers required to

        Set up Pitches HL

        To set fixtures HL

        To man the desk MN/IBM

        To organise refreshments

        Press and Publicity Rick

        Coordinate tidying up - Tigers.

        First aid provision ZL

 Only senior teams in tournament, LM to supply trophies and air horn.


IBM to contact Phil Buttinger about supply of 2 sets of tapes.


RB to ask Simon if he could transfer posts and bases and what help he required.  RB to inform IBM.



3.  Sportsfest (On Sunday 27th June) (Rick)

 Korfball was held at Chesterton.


4.  Liv is printing another load of Basic of Korfball handbooks. If anyone

would like some to distribute to new club members then could they please let me

have an idea of quantity so that I can print an appropriate amount.


5.  Tigers would like to add a small agenda point about their 10th

birthdaycelebrations in 2005 (Alex).  They have booked the Rugby club for 18/6/05.


6. Reda has asked whether the CKA could host the U23 Championships for next year.  The BKA will fund the event.  Reda will coordinate and will look into finding a suitable venue.


Date of next meeting


5th August 2004, at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton starting at 7.45pm.