Minutes of meeting held 3  March 2003


Present:  Ian Birch-Machin (Chair), Liz Clarke (Treasurer), Lee Matthews (Senior development officer), Rick Baldwin (Press and Publicity officer), Sam Whittaker (Secretary), Ming Hsu (Uni), Scott Christie (Coaching officer), Zareh Langridge (Kites), Ste Howarth (Lions), Dave Bate (Fixtures Officer), Nick Armitage (Results Officer), Liv Armitage (JDT leader), Howard Laffling (Phoenix)


1. Apologies for absence were received by Andy Rutter, Dave Sheldon, Jam Trubridge.


2. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.



Chair  Ian reported that Norwich would prefer the EA Cup to take place in September rather than at the end of the season.


Coaching Officer  23 people attended the advanced level coaching course taken by Steve Barker.  All enjoyed it and Steve said that he was willing to run another.


Fixtures Officer  Some fixtures have been swapped but generally everything is running smoothly. 


Results Officer  Nick is no longer producing a weekly round-up as he would like people to be more proactive in looking at the website.  He will be producing a round-up for the last month.


Press and Publicity Officer  Things haven’t been so good this month as the CEN has chosen not to print as many articles from Rick.  Rick requested to be kept more up to date with fixtures and changes.

Ø      Nick to add Rick to the NL distribution list


JDT leader  Liv offered feedback from the last Junior Development Team meeting:

§        JDT request that Knights games finish before 9pm, or 8pm when in Littleport

§        Helpers at junior training should make themselves known to the coaches at training.

§        More than enough national league points have been accumulated due to the juniors entering tournaments and Knights playing in the local league.

§        Sijbren is trying to organise a regional league to  be  played as a tournament once a month.  It was agreed that the CKA would liaise with Sijbren and help organise this.



Senior Team Leader  Lee offered feedback from the last meeting of the Development Officers:

§        It was thought that it would be good to run joint sessions some Saturdays, taken by different coaches in Cambridge.

§        The CKA will be taking part in red nose day with a post at the Grafton Centre.  People should ask in their clubs for volunteers.

§        The Arbury Carnival will take place on June 14.  It would be good to have representatives from all clubs.  People to ask in their clubs for volunteers.

§        The CKA agreed on a promotional leaflet costing between £30 - £50 for x copies giving details of all clubs, to be handed out at such events.


4. League Structure  It was agreed to hold this over until the next meeting.  Dave Bate  (and anyone else with any ideas) to send out proposals via email prior to the meeting for consideration.


5. National Youth Day  This will be held on 6 July at the Perse.  Volunteers will be needed and there should be a CKA presence.  The BKA will keep the profits.


6. Cambridgeshire Junior Tournament  This will be held on 27 April at the Perse with four age groups.  Once again Liv asked for volunteers and referees.


7. CKA Summer Tournament  It would cost £135 to hold the tournament at Littleport and £250 to hold it at the rugby club.  It was agreed that if there was availability at Littleport on 9 August then it would go ahead there.

Post meeting note:  Lions have booked the venue for this date.


8. Sideline passes  It was agreed that sideline passes could be taken with one foot inside the pitch at the referee’s discretion.


9. Abuse of the appeals system (also encompassed agenda item no. 11)  As a result of much discussion the following proposals were voted upon:

i) If a team fields an illegal player or players they forfeit the match and may not appeal against the loss.  For 3            Against 6              Abstentions 3            (rejected)

ii) If a team fields an illegal player or players and then appeals to the appeals committee against the walkover result, the appeals committee will pass their recommendation to the CKA committee for decision.  For 10            Against 1            Abstentions 1    (approved)


It was confirmed that mothers may play for the Knights side.

There was then a vote on the recording of voided matches due to illegal players:

i) If the non-offending team wins by more than 5-0, they may keep their score.

For 2               Against 5            Abstentions 3            (rejected)

ii) The goal scorers for the non-offending team should be recorded.

For 3               Against 7            Abstentions 0            (rejected)


10. Citysport   Junior courses will go ahead on Sundays from 22 June for 4 weeks (venue?) from 5.30 – 7.00pm.  Senior courses will go ahead on Wednesdays from 10 September for 6 weeks from 8.15 – 9.15pm (Perse).



16. A.O.B.

Lee is organising the U23 side for the U23 championships.  If clubs have any interested players then they should email Lee.

Sam to organise the CKA awards do sometime in May.

Ste and Dave Sheldon to organise some kind of summer league.

It was agreed that officers should email their reports to the committee to save time at the meeting.  Proposers of agenda items should be stated along with a summary of the item.


17.  The next meeting will be held on 10 April, 7.30pm at the Pike and Eel.