Minutes of CKA committee Thursday, 8th May 2003 at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton, Cambridge



Ian, Scott, Lee, Rick, Liv, Liz, Nick and Andy


Apologies received

Sam, Zareh and Jo


Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

  1.  Rules for taking of sideline free passes are to remain unchanged following vote.   This was in response to request to allow the taker to place one foot into the court to compensate for loss of area outside court because of small size of Cambridge playing venues.


  1. Tigers 2 player status.  Nick will discuss with Tigers the various options.  This will be reported on at the next meeting.


  1. The cancellation of home games during the season, raised by Lee, will be discussed at a later meeting.


Officer’s reports.

Chair                            Thanked all for help at Junior tournament.


Secretary                      Absent


Treasurer                      £2253.55 in bank.  Will give a detailed junior tournament cost breakdown at the next meeting.


Junior Development            Thanked all for support with junior tournament.


Senior Development             Meeting of Senior Development Team on Thursday, 15th May at 8pm at Pike and Eel

Volunteers are required to help out at the Arbury Carnival.


Coaching                      Nothing to report.


Reffing              Nothing to report.

Will check on the progress of a possible change to free pass rule.


Results                         Nothing to report.


League                         Awards – votes to be cast by end of May.


Press and Publicity            Shared CEN reports

City Sport brochure has korfball advertised and distributed copies of this.


Announcement of BKA AGM on the 28th June in South London.


EA Cup

IBM to liaise with Phil Buttinger about cup competition.  Decision is required at next meeting.


National Youth Day

Liv to sort out organisation as time progresses.


Junior Development

A number of ideas were put forward.


Liv’s aim is to link clubs to schools in the long run.

            Lions with Wichford

            Tigers with Comberton

            Kites with Milton Road/Newham Croft ?


It is proposed that Knights will affiate with a club within Cambridge.  The coaches will remain with Knights certainly in the short term.  The clubs not involved in supporting schools will continue to support Knights until they are in a position to support a school.


Discussion covered the need for committee for Knights to run the club as this is outside remit of Junior Development Team.


Discussed link of junior development with National League points.  It is felt that NL players are encouraged to support juniors as the existence of junior development earns the National League side points.


Lee will feedback on success of Witchford/Lions link up.  This will be a model for clubs linking up to schools.


The Junior Development Team will discuss the above proposals at their next meeting and Liv will canvas the opinions of the coaches involved with Juniors.



1.                  Andy raised the point about the provision of sufficient tapes at the junior tournament (currently CKA has tape for 4 pitches 40 x 20 m).  Lee will price the cost of tapes for 1 additional pitch.

2.                  Nick made point that as the play off matches were redundant did anyone contact the teams potentially involved to inform them.  This was not clear.  In future the CKA will appoint someone to notify clubs of any decision which affects them.

3.                  Scott queried next year’s league structure with respect to the smaller number of matches because of players concern of a reduced number of matches next season.  The proposed cup tournament will have to be carefully structured to provide the extra matches.

4.                  Entry fees for CKA summer tournament at Littleport.  £30 for first team, £20 for subsequent teams.  For CKA affiliated teams entry fees will be £20 and £15 respectively (in line with the pricing practise of other Korfball Associations).  Entry for all overseas teams will be free.  There will also be a hog roast provided at a cost of £5 a time which will be provided by Littleport Sports centre.

5.                  Lee announced that Lions are visiting Almere in the Netherlands to play Korfball.  He will ask the BKA for permission.  City is intending to go to France to play Korfball and will have to ask permission.  This permission is normally granted but the BKA rules do stipulate that clubs going to play Korfball in tournaments overseas have to ask for permission.

6.                  Rick asked for dates of club school link.  They have not been announced yet.

7.                  Liv asked for helpers for National Youth Day.


Date of next meeting.

Thursday, 19th June at 7.45pm at the Pike and Eel, Chesterton.