CKA AGM Minutes

Thursday 30th July 2009, 8 pm, The Rock, Cherry Hinton Road





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (vacant)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Juniors (Andy Dunlop)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (vacant)

Publicity (Tracey Cooper)

CPO (vacant)

Development (Sara Neaves)


City Reps [Jonathan Lyons ]

Phoenix Reps [Jayne Muir ]

Lions Reps [Andrew Sills, Laura Neaves ]

Tigers Reps [Chris West ]

University Reps [ ]

Vikings Reps [Jackie Peyton, Jon Smith ]


Thanks to all the committee members for their efforts over the last year.

SECRETARY (vacant):


Accounts attached

Accounts audited to date by colleague from Hexcel


Nothing to report.


The web scorecard system has been a success. It has made the Results Officer's job easier and saved on postage costs.


National Youth Day was hosted in Cambridgeshire
Thanks to Liv for organising National Youth Day, and to everyone who helped out. It went smoothly and there was a fairly good turnout of Cambridgeshire teams.

Junior numbers per club compared to last year :
- Vikings have increased junior numbers
- City have increased their numbers of U9s
- Lions have stopped running junior sessions
as far as I can gather, other junior numbers have remained roughly the same.

Aims for next season :
1. Introduction of Junior League. This is important if we are to catch up with other areas, such as Kent and London, who were dominant at NYD. Details to be discussed with other clubs in the next month.
2. Inter-area friendlies. I have spoken to the South Midlands Korfball Association (SMKA) about holding friendly matches between area teams. Other areas are also interested. These games will be arranged after the school holidays.


Nothing to report.

COACHING (vacant):


Nothing to report.

CPO (vacant):


This season I have attempted to try and build a team/club in Suffolk.  I have linked in with Suffolk Council and they are prepared to help us with building this up.......especially if we link in with their junior sports set up. Over the summer, at the weekends, there is space at Mildenhall and Brandon and I believe Bury so that we could host exhibition games. There was space at Stetchworth on Tuesday evenings 7-10pm to host the new club.

As a CKA we offered to host the quite short notice we were granted this opportunity. Unfortunately due to a lack of interest (5 teams entered) we had to cancel this event.

The CKA are also due to host the EA Cup this season...........the date is the 19th September - the halls at CRC are booked from 9-5pm - this will need confirming when teams are entered. I emailed Phil at Norwich ages ago about this date but never heard back from - within this email I suggested (as requested at previous CKA meeting) that we open this event out to other areas in East Anglia........I guess more emails need to be sent!!

Thanks to Sara for her efforts in organising the Counties tournament.


Chair - Howard
Secretary - no volunteers forthcoming, vacant
Treasurer - Corinne
Fixtures Officer - Adam
Results Officer – Nick

Senior Development Officer - no volunteers forthcoming, vacant
Junior Development Officer – Andy Dunlop
Refereeing Officer - Andy
Coaching Officer -
no volunteers forthcoming, vacant
Publicity Officer -
no volunteers forthcoming, vacant
no volunteers forthcoming, vacant

Without a CPO no juniors (under 18's) will be permitted to play in any CKA competitions i.e. the Cambridgeshire Korfball League (CKL)

All clubs


Corinne will find an appropriately qualified colleague to audit the accounts.
It was suggested that the CKA bank statement be periodically checked. It was noted that 2 signatures are required to withdraw any money from the CKA bank account. It was agreed that as the accounts are public that at the time of the AGM the treasurer will scan a bank statement and it will be put on the CKA website.




The Area Development Plan (ADP) was approved.


The CKA have reached agreement to form a regional league with the Kent Korfball Association (KKA) , Norfolk Korfball Association (NKA) and the South Midlands Korfball Association (SMKA). Decisions will be made by this block voting system :
KKA 10

These are carefully chosen so that any vote gives a definite result - ties are not possible. Any 3 areas always out vote any 1 area. The largest area doesn't always win in a 2 area vs 2 area vote result. The largest area can be out voted by the 2nd and 3rd largest areas, but not by the 2nd largest and smallest area.

Concerns were raised over the tasks that still need to be done and the short time left to do them.

Adam and Chris volunteered to draft some league rules. A first draft will be circulated to the CKA for feedback and then after any revisions circulated to the other area associations for feedback and hopefully approval. Howard to email the other areas to give them a heads up on this.

Adam and Chris



It was suggested to have a junior inter-area competition amongst the areas in the regional league. It is expected the competition would be run to break even, but the CKA will need to underwrite the cost. A nominal sum of £200 was added to the budget for this.

Lions asked for a grant of £230 from the CKA for a quarter of the cost of Korfball line marking at Littleport Leisure Centre (LLC). LLC are paying half the cost. Lions are paying a quarter of the cost. LLC are applying for grants and if successful will pay the whole cost. It was agreed that Lions should apply for grants for half the cost. If Lions are unsuccessful the CKA will give a grant of £115 and a loan of £115. The grant will be paid minus Lions's league fees for 2009/10. The loan will be repaid as a fixed increase of £23 to Lions's league fees for 5 years : 2010/11 to 2014/15 inclusive.

The revised budget was approved. League fees will remain the same as last season.


East Anglian (EA) Cup

This is on Saturday 19th September, 9-5 pm at CRC (2 halls). The hall has been booked and at least a week's cancellation notice is required.

Sara has volunteered to continue organising this.

Adam volunteered to do the fixtures.

It was agreed, as hosts to decide the remaining issues in question and proceed with organisation.

The South Midlands Korfball Association (SMKA) will be invited to participate.

The competition rules will be the same as the last time the competition was run 2 years ago at the University of East Anglia (UEA) i.e. restrictions on (official) regional league (SEERL) players; only 1 team per club. Howard to find and circulate the rules from 2006/7.

We need to invite teams to enter and get the entry fee up front.