CKA Meeting Minutes

Thursday 30th June, 7.30 pm, Penny Ferry







Chairman (Ian Birch-Machin)




Treasurer (Mike Northfield)




League (Nick Armitage)




Fixtures (Howard Laffling)




Juniors (Liv Armitage)




CPO (Samantha Rayner)




Publicity (Rick Baldwin)




Development (Laura Neeves)                




Refereeing (Andy Rutter)




Coaching (Scott Christie)                          





City Rep                                                                                      []

Phoenix Rep                                                                             [Chris White]

Knights Rep                                                                              [Stephen Moratti]

Lions Rep                                                                                   [Lee Matthews]

Tigers Rep                                                                                  [Reda Ibn-Tahikt]

University Rep                                                                        Lucy (University) sent apologies



CHAIRMAN:                                                                                                                                        ACTIONS?

Ian will rewrite the complaints section in the previous months minutes and circulate for comments. Scott Christie has devised a template for the CKA minutes which will make it easier to take down. Ian will also circulate the template. Nothing has been heard back  on the discipline complaint to BKA, though  an email has been sent to Graham Crafter.


TREASURER:                                                                                                                                      ACTIONS?




































At the moment there is no BKA CPO which makes an progr ess difficult. Samantha will put all the present CKA child players on a database. We will need a voluntary number from the CKA in order to qualify for free CP checks, otherwise it could cost from £10-40 check depending on the route









The Cambridge evening News publicized the end of season Cambridge Youth Tournament, albeit with an unflattering photograph. There was also a large Cambridge section in the BKA magazine.


The CKA Tournament  was publicised on the Korfball website, in the BKA magazine, at the BKA AGM (flyers handed out to all attending clubs, c. 35?, flyers handed out at Littleport and Tigers tournaments and at other tournaments attended by City in June, emails were sent out 3 times to the full BKA address list.









































Tresurer’s report


There is not much cash in the bank at the moment. Some clubs are still to stump up with the League fees, especially University, Pheonix and Lions. A lot of money was spent in the last few years buying junior equipment (the location of all of which is not known for certain) and advertising National Korfball week. Ian will contact Liv and the JDC committee on their grant applications that were to help towards the equipment.


BKA meeting


Rick and Lee attended. The main points arising (directly and indirectly) from the meeting were:


1. They are pushing for areas to be fully staffed. This may mean paying for some positions on an hourly rate for work done (e.g. secretary or school promoter), in which case all clubs will have to chip in.


2. Korfball week is 11-17th Sept. We will need a subcommittee for arrangements.


3. Need to supply club officers by August 15th for BKA Handbook


4. Jacky Hubbard is the CKA Schools Rep


5. GB trials - Nominations in September, next year is the Commonwealth Games.


6. Next BKA awards  13th May 2006 at Sanddown Park. It is encouraged that as many people go as possible.


7. Senior Cup starts in September - in pools of 3. Look at BKA website for more details.


8. There are no changes to the constitution


9. Referees aren't giving enough cards. All cards should be reported to the BKA.


CKA Summer Tournament 23rd July


The duties were split as following: Food and drink-Tigers (Lee to provide BBQ). The possibility of food vans (e.g burgers and ice-cream) was discussed. While an ice-cream van was thought useful, a BBQ would bring in a large amount of money.

Pitch-Pheonix and Knights (start at 9.30 am). Howard to coordinate.

Running Desk-Lions



Publicity - Rick


As it was so close to Addenbrookes it was not thought essential to have St Johns representation at the tournament, though the presence of a qualified first aider was thought important. It was not clear exactly what qualification the FAider needed..


New Website.

It was approved that be purchased for £15/year to promote Korfball (Scott).



Pheonix is holding their 10th anniversary on the 13th August  - open to all old Pheonix members.



Reda wanted to know where the Div 3 trophy was - located at Lions. He also wondered if there was to be a formal presentation. Possibly at the CKA summer tournament?












28th July 7.30 pm, Penny Ferry Pub