CKA Meeting Minutes

<Thursday 30th March 2006>







Chairman (Ian Birch-Machin)




Secretary (Laura Neaves)




Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)




Results (Nick Armitage)




Fixtures ()




Juniors (Liv Armitage)




CPO (Nick Evans)




Publicity ()




Development ()




Refereeing (Andy Rutter)




Coaching (Lee Matthews)                 





City Rep                                                           [Rick Baldwin                                       ]

Phoenix Rep                                                     [Howard Laffling                                  ]

Lions Rep                                                         [                                                           ]

Tigers Rep                                                        [Alex Bevan                                         ]

University Rep  (Apologies from Lucy Martin   [                                                            ]





CHAIRMAN:                                                                                              ACTIONS?





TREASURER:                                                                                             ACTIONS?


Same as previous month execpt 1 missed ref fine for Uni


Rick mentioned that City may be asking for another sponsorship for the Avon Tyrrol course for Anthony










A City v Lions game is scheduled for the evening of the Stingers tournament.  City are going to propose another date as both clubs are planning on attending the tournament.

























Two more people have passed their reffering tests in Cambs.  Reda has also experienced reffing at National League level.





Level 1 course originally booked for Easter Sunday has been cancelled but will be arranged for another date soon.



1 Squad Lists!: Alex Bevan


Is it time to start talking about the system for squad lists for next year? 


Alex has offered to look at Howard’s proposal from the AGM, adapt it and circulate it 2 weeks before the next meeting.  Anyone else with any ideas can do the same so that we can all think about what we want from the squad list system before the next AGM.  However nothing can be changed until the AGM.



2 East Anglian Superleague: Nick Armitage


The email from Norwich proposing an East Anglian Superleague was disscussed.  The general outcome was that there was some interest from Cambridge clubs, but we have other scenarios that need to be discussed ie. National league players playing.


It was suggested that a meeting be arranged with some representatives from both Norwich and Cambridge.








City sport brochures were handed out.  Tigers are running the course this year.


Ritola U18’s need players for the Stingers tournament and are looking for teams to play against on Bank Holiday Monday (1st May).  Lions and Tigers are both asked to bring teams to play Ritola in a mini tournament.


City are starting a Junior course on Sunday’s from 6-7pm.


Rick asked Lee if he could start coaching at Parkside School. U11’s & U14’s


Alex mentioned that the Tigers 4 captain was surprised that a National league player played in a division 2 team in a recent game.


Reda – Tiggers have the National final on 7th May.  They are looking for Cambridge teams to challenge them the week before.  They are playing against Ritola when they come over but would also like to set up some friendlies against Lions 1, City 1 and Phoenix 1.


Laura asked if the yellow card that was awarded to a city player in a recent game against Lions had been reported to the BKA.  Andy confirmed that it had.


Lee would like the Chairman to write a letter to the BKA to complain about him not getting the £500 owed.  Frank Sieber agreed it but is no longer on the BKA.


Lee – As Ian is resigning as Chairman, Lee would like to nominate Howard to stand until the AGM.  The committee agreed, Howard accepted.


Howard mentioned that the empty places on the committee need filling.  There is no fixtures, publicity, development officers.  If anyone knows anyone suitable please let a committee meber know ASAP.


Summer tournament was not publicised in the BKA magazine or on the website, also the contact may still be Ian. Howard to look into.


Howard asked if the development course was being run this summer.  Andy said that it had been mentioned but nothing confirmed yet.







Monday 8th May 2006, 7.30pm @ The Penny Ferry - Chesterton