CKA Meeting Minutes


1st November 2001



         Rick, Zareh, Jo, Andy, Ade, Lee, Liz Clark, Nick, Dave Bate & Jim



         Received from Ian and Liv


Approval of last meetings minutes

         Rick was in attendance although not noted in minutes


Chairman Report

         Nothing to report.


Treasurers Report

         935.84 is in the bank. We have some bills to pay but canít as the chequebook is with the accounts being audited.

         City yet to pay insurance contribution and league fees.



         Would like to get contacts list up to date and requested information from each club with regards to committee positions and contacts in each club

         Insurance documentation issued to Kites for presentation to Netherall to prove public liability cover.


Results Officer

         All up to date with one card outstanding.

         Refereeing cards issued to all clubs.


Juniors Committee

         Liv not in attendance.


Fixtures Officer

         1st and 2nd divisions running smoothly


Refereeing Officer

         BKA want to assess referees. Andy to advise BKA current position with Cambridge referees.

         Need to decide grace period of new clubs and their provision of referees Ė eg. When would we expect Littleport to be able to field a referee?

         Andy commented that to look a little more like a serious sports league that team colours should include consideration of the shorts that players wear aswell as the shirts. The committee agreed that where possible people should perhaps be encouraged to wear dark blue/black shorts/skirts.



         CKA awards to include an award for CKA referee of the year.

         CKA awards may not have a dedicated event but be part of another event.


Press & Publicity

         Latest press cuttings issued to all present.

         Rick has informed Cambridge Evening News of National League home game in advance.



         Scott Christie of Phoenix has agreed to be the new Coaching officer and will also provide Phoenix with a representative on the CKA. Thank you Scott.


Reclaiming money from Littleport start up.

         CKA is already supporting the new club but Lee wondered what other help in the form of reclaiming cost would be available such as hall costs.

         Andy to send email from Liam to Liz and Lee.

         Lee has also started forming links with Littleport Lions and Ely and Soham Colleges.


3rd Division BKA fees

         Committee discussed what contributes to a feeder club and feeder league in the hope that may be we could avoid the 3rd division paying BKA fees. However the general consensus was that we at the moment would have to pay these fees. Ian to speak to BKA and see what we can get back from them for our money such as courses etc.


3rd Division Schedule

         Schedule canít be completed, as Phoenix hasnít provided home fixtures. However up to date schedule was issued and an amendment made. League is now underway.


Development Cup

         This will go ahead after Christmas in Jan/Feb.

         The pools will be randomly selected and teams made up of† ďStatus ZeroĒ players.

         Teams from other pools to ref pool games.


Summer Tournament Debrief

         Emailed contribution from Rob Taylor was distributed for information and feedback.



         Inter-area Cup. Juniors Under 15ís only likely for Central fixture. Cambridge Under 13ís are very interested in playing including Scotland if required.

         Dave Sheldon sent an email regarding another training trip to Holland for the CKA. This would ideally include juniors aswell. The idea was accepted as a good one and will be discussed at the next meeting in more depth to get the organisation going.

         Juniors Kit Ė Juniors need shirts to play in. Dave Sheldon may be able to get money from UK Fire and we may get money form grants but we canít wait for this. Lee to look into costs etc to get things moving.

         Rick mentioned the City Sport event at Netherhall. Coaches will be required for this.



Next Meeting

         3rd December 2001 @ 7.30pm. The Boot, Histon (Reserved table in Restaurant NOT meeting room)




Ade 28th November 2001