CKA Meeting Minutes

<Monday 14th November 7.30PM>







Chairman (Ian Birch-Machin)



Secretary (Laura Neaves)



Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)



League (Nick Armitage)



Fixtures (Howard Laffling)



Juniors (Liv Armitage)



CPO (Samantha Rayner)



Publicity (Lisa Clatworthy)



Development ()




Refereeing (Andy Rutter)



Coaching (Lee Matthews)




City Rep [Rick Baldwin ]

Phoenix Rep [ ]

Lions Rep [ ]

Tigers Rep [Dave Males ]

University Rep [Lucy Martin ]


Reda Ibn-Tahaikt










All OK at the moment. Club invoices sent out, knights have paid up, Insurance has been paid.


Audit with Darren Payne
















Clubs should have met with link schools to discuss supporting their after/in school club as stated in email sent ages ago. Should happen by January!


Any issues regarding this, that arise with teachers should be reported to & discussed with Liv.










Having read the minutes from the last one, I notice that AOB includes
references to a Cambridge Korfball magazine or reports on the website or
email. My initial thoughts are as follows:
A magazine is a really nice idea, but it needs time, money and energy if it
was to be fresh articles, rather than reprints of what is submitted to the
local papers and magazines and the national Korfball magazine. We'd need to decide on editorial content, pagination, frequency, writers, editor, designer, printer and distribution. Would we seek advertising? Would we
charge for it or give it away foc?
A website would be easier and cheaper to a certain extent, because print and
distribution costs wouldn't be involved. I am however concerned that not
everyone has access to the web.
The email idea I personally don't think would work. Not everyone has an
email account and if they do, not everyone wants their account clogged up
with even more korfball emails.
Before we do anything about this, I would want to here opinions from the CKA committee and from clubs and players too. I'd suggest a small survey to see if there's a real interest in the idea from the clubs. The other important
part of all this is cost of course. Would the CKA be able to provide a
I'm willing to look into all of this, but before I waste hours of my time
doing it, I'd want to know that the CKA committee at least is behind it.

Aside from that, general Press Officer news: I've had some success with the
local papers and magazines; there's been some coverage in the local papers,
mainly focused on the U18s. Agenda magazine is also interested in the sport
in general, and the Town Crier is looking to set up something about the
U18s. It looks like a big, local event could bring in Radio Cambridgeshire



This was discussed and the general thoughts were to use the CKA website. Lisa and Scott to discuss possible page set-up.













































Sian (Uni), Nick (Tigers) now refs. Only got 5 replies from email requesting refs for Under 16s tournament. Refs improvers course postponed to new year.





Lee asked for names for part 1 of Level 2 course to be held at Littleport on 3rd Dec 1-5PM cost 22.50







Fingernails Andy to email all clubs/refs


NL participation and Lions/Tigers NL discussed. Lions & Tigers to submit written proposals i.e. to NL points. Proposals also to address referees, number of players and commitments and any other issues e.g. player transfers in time for any play-off matches. Decision to be made at next meeting, before Jan 31st entry deadline.


Squad lists Andy pointed out that Tigers and Lions need to look at players playing in too many teams i.e. Nish/Adam/Hayley.


Scoreboards All clubs to have scoreboards by Jan 06


City protested about the result of the findings/decision of the C2(10) v T4(9) being changed to C2 (9) v T4 (10) believing that the referee's score should be final, that the fixtures officer should not have taken charge and that there should be a right to appeal.


Tigers tournament 24th June







Tuesday 6th Dec 7.30pm at the Pike & Eel