CKA Meeting Minutes

<Monday 4th September 2006, 7.30 pm, Penny Ferry>





Chairman (Howard Laffling)

Secretary (Laura Neaves)

Treasurer (Corinne Bowes)

Fixtures (Adam Twiss)

Results (Nick Armitage)

Junior Development (Liv Armitage)

Refereeing (Andy Rutter)

Coaching (Lee Matthews)

Publicity (Vacant)

CPO (Vacant)

Senior Development (Vacant)


City Rep [Anthony Proietti ]

Phoenix Rep [ ]

Lions Rep [Nicola Doak ]

Tigers Rep [Reda Ibn-Tahaikt ]

University Rep [Zac Williams sent his apologies ]

Sara Neaves

Rick Baldwin



Laura will be sending out a list to get up to date contact details from each club



Reda handed over the chq from the BKA, receipts were also passed over from Liv.





2 new referees at Lions


1. Senior Development Officer:

Sara Neaves has volunteered for this.

Approved by the committee

2. CPO:

Still no volunteers – Howard to contact BKA to find out where this leaves us with playing juniors in the league. Possibility of making up a committee made up from each club CPO.


3. CKA membership fee:

There’s a 1 off fee for joining the CKA, but I can’t find any record of what it is, I suggest £10, which we can put in the constitution at a later date.


4. Vikings application to join the CKA:


5. League Structure:

Entries (main league + dev league)

City: 4+1

Lions: 3+1

Phoenix: 3+1

Tigers: 4+1

University: 1+1

Vikings: 1+1

Total: 16+6

Development League proposal

Option 1 – 6 teams playing each other 2 times for a 10 game season


League proposal

Option 1 – 8/8

Each team plays each other twice for a 14 game season

D1: T1,C1,L1,P1,T3,T2,C2,U1

D2: L2,P2,T4,P3,L3,C3,C4,V1


Season Dates

The season will start on Sunday October 1st 2006

Three equal status periods will be

Period 1: Sun 1st Oct -> Fri 1st Dec inclusive

Period 2: Sun 3rd Dec -> Fri 23rd Feb inclusive

Period 3: Sun 25th Feb -> Season End

Match slot times (preferred slot first)

City 1: Tuesday 9pm, KK

City 2-5: Sunday 6pm, Chesterton. Some games will have to be at KK slot

Phoenix: Thursday 9.25pm and 8.15pm, CRC

Tigers: Sunday 7pm and 8pm, Perse

Lions: Friday 8.20pm and 9.30pm, Littleport

Uni: Monday and Wednesday 10pm, KK

Vikings: Monday 7.15pm, Ely Community College

6. Vikings application for start up funding:

Vikings application for start-up funding of £120 for hall fees for 2 weeks, as this will be the two free sessions to start the club up. Lee has been in touch with the BKA but it is too short notice for their start-up package.

Must be advertised as free sessions and can be up to £120.00 but must show receipts for the Hall costs.

Howard to check with the BKA to see if they will reimburse the CKA if we give the money to Vikings.



7. Free Passes:

CKA league to use new rules regarding free passes in line with BKA competitions.

Minor infringements – Restart

Hard Fouls – Free pass from the penalty spot

Andy to send email to confirm to all referees


8. Referees Fees:

Andy mentioned that he would like the referee fees to be increased as at current the £5.00 barely covers the referees travel to matches.

The committee would like to encourage more refs to be BKA tested and are looking at tiered the referees fees for next season, so that BKA qualified refs get paid more that CKA qualified. Andy to email all refs to explain this.

In the meantime it was suggested that referees fees are increased to £7.50 for this season. Development matches to remain at £5.00 (but these are provided by the home team)

7 for, 1 against




Nick handed round some leaflets from Liv

Sports awards – Any ideas to Liv please

Active clubs leaflet

Taster session email

Funding Fair @ Churchill College

If you would like any information on these please speak to Liv


Tuesday 17th October 2006 7.30PM @ Penny Ferry - Chesterton